At donsenhaug, the theme of “relationships” prevails

At donsenhaug, the theme of 'relationships' prevails

The beautiful musical setting with iris ferenz on the piano, accompanied by ilka friedel on the transverse flute, was also a perfect match. The laudatory speech was held by eva warmuth, herself a visual artist who is now known far beyond the region and is virtually predestined for such tasks. Both women are not "young jumpers more, warmuth amused the audience.

Both had a rich life with diverse experiences as a basis for their respective artistic expression. "Karin hacker’s painting jumps straight into the eye, her colors sometimes even want to jump the theme of the canvas, are a direct expression of spontaneity" warmuth said.

Planning is necessary for the erasure of ursula gablenz. "Several work steps must be prepared and coordinated with each other. In all planning, there is such a thing as the idiosyncrasy of the material and the technology to consider." Their years of experience make these "very sophisticated techniques" possible.
"With careful observation one can observe that karin wants to go a way to deepen more and more in painting techniques, without losing the spontaneous expression. Ursula apparently chooses the path of expanding the concentration and creative density in her work and of always opening the door to chance, spontaneous ideas and inspiration."

In her laudatory speech, warmuth also touched on the lives of the artists. Karin hacker retired ten years ago and since then she has also been painting. The "very lively person always has several tasks at the same time. Do not wait for them, but go to meet them. Her creativity is a great treasure, visible in music, theater and literature and now in the kunstlervilla.

The most important thing for her, however, is her large family with the children, who in the meantime have given her 13 grandchildren, and the trips with her husband, often to florida or tuscany. From her rich life come the inspirations for the pictures: "lively and direct." Next to them are often small mementos.
It is her second exhibition in bad neustadt and one can certainly hope for the third, because hacker plans already today in the summer together with her artist friend maria fetter some study stays in academies.
In a new, authentic style, karin hacker lets her enthusiasm leap over a firework of colors and compositions, but also casts a thoughtful glance at a hotel facade that conceals many life stories.

If you look at ursula gablenz’s pictures, you will surely find something about her life, because both are "sooo close" connected to each other. Her father, a technical draftsman, introduced her early on to perspective and the like, architectural drawing, drawing from nature and, of course, the use of color.

"I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil", the artist herself revealed. "When once our house was to be freshly plastered, the plasterer put some examples on our house wall, so that we should choose the suitable plastering. I thought it was wonderful and added my own decorations to all the boxes with the soft fresh plaster."

However, she was denied a career as an artist. The young woman should "do something clever" learned. She worked for 16 years as a chemical technician. Here she was always in demand as a draftswoman to depict things. She always remained faithful to art. Since 1984, she has lived as a freelance artist with her own workshop and a wide range of interests.

She has learned all nine techniques of etching and even invented two more, warmuth explained with a smile. Besides, gablenz masters all graphic and painterly techniques: "her paintings are compositionally mature." She says of herself that there is something like slipping, an inherent dynamic of its own. She does not know beforehand how something is created. The color, in any case, emerges in secret.
The exhibition is still on view on saturday, 15. And sunday, 16. December, from 2 to 6 p.M.


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