Use on the airfield was a practice

Use on the airfield was a practice

Luckily, it was not a real operation that the bamberg fire department was called to the airfield for. Rather, it was a training for emergencies, as they can happen in the daily flight operations. Members of the bamberger aeroclub and firefighters prepared for such aids at three practical stations. Resuscitation was practiced, as well as assistance in the event of accidents in the workshop, which occur time and again, and the rescue of pilots from the cockpit.

The training was supervised by a company called rescuma, which specializes in responding to aviation accidents. According to her own information, she is a cooperation partner of the air sports association of bavaria and conducts emergency trainings at airfields for air sports clubs and flight schools. According to oliver gabriel (rescuma), the range of applications in everyday life extends from helping people who have suffered a sunstroke to rescuing pilots and other passengers after a crash or a "hard landing".

According to gabriel, the trainers and instructors are professionals in the rescue service, some of whom are also active air sports enthusiasts.


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