First schwanbergsschau a success

First schwanbergsschau a success

The groblangheim small animal breeders called – and they came from all over bavaria. For the first time the schwanbergsschau took place in groblangheim with rabbit breeders from upper, middle and lower franconia and even from the southern regions of bavaria. Exhibition manager frank sturm was satisfied. Nearly 500 animals were on display, one more beautiful than the other.

"With the inter-club show we started an attempt", says chairman willi habermann, "this attempt was successful."With the variety of breeds and the rough number of animals he was also highly satisfied. The district chairman of the rabbit breeders, gunter schurrer, was also enthusiastic: "i am always happy when something new is tried out. Even more so when it works as well as it does here." Also josef steinack, the district chairman, praised the new form of an animal show. At the same time, he suggested that in the future more such cross-association and cross-territory looks will take place. After all, not all associations have such a number of helpers and the excellent infrastructure that can be found at the groblangheimer association. "A platform for outstanding musical results" is how deputy mayor heike sterk called the show. Sterk represented mayor karl hochner, the show’s patron, and opened the two days of exhibits. On saturday and sunday breeders and visitors were invited to have a look at the animals and sit together with good food. And for the little guests there were all kinds of prizes to be won at the tombola of the women’s groups.

Some breeders won with their animals: the best performance of the club in youth and seniors, the best breeding group of the show, the best ram and the best hasin. In the club ranking, the breeders from scheinfeld had the lead. They won both the senior cup with 1922 points and the youth cup with 1145 points. Second place in the seniors by points went to the host groblangheim, with 1918 only one point behind was burggrumbach. Second place in the youth category went to schweinfurt with 1142.5 points. The best breeding group of the show belonged to arno gopfert from forst, his castor rexes scored 387.5 points. Frank sturm from groblangheim is the proud owner of the best rammer, the dalmatian-rex got 97,5 points. The best hasin comes from the stable of rudi hoffmann from penzberg (also 97,5 points).


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