Firefighters perform rescue operations in a helicopter crash

firefighters perform rescue operations in a helicopter crash

Word quickly spread via facebook that the gauaschach fire department had devised a helicopter crash as a scenario to mark its 140th anniversary. So fire departments from the werngrund and for example also some comrades from nudlingen jerk to the watch. Schweinfurt district fire chief holger strunk and securitas chief jochen braunschweig also take in the spectacle.

For gauaschach, the scenario is by no means out of the blue: a federal helicopter gets stuck on a windmill, spins and crashes into a barn.

An explosion at the geisberg, which is supposed to simulate the impact of the helicopter into the wind turbine, opens the exercise. Thick clouds of smoke from the helicopter and barn specially organized by the federal armed forces and open fire at the crash site become spectacular staged. The wailing of sirens and the sound of st. Martin's horns from the arriving vehicles echo through the town about ten minutes later. Fire departments from hammelburg, obererthal, diebach, pfaffenhausen, obersfeld, schwebenried and neubessingen are called to action.

The cross-county alerting system can be tested, which, as it turns out, still does not function smoothly. The arbitrators are district fire inspector peter sell and district fire chiefs elmar eisenmann and oliver lukashevich.

A 500-meter exclusion zone is being set up around the stricken wind turbine, which was also set to burn down in a controlled manner in the event of an emergency. Flat fires are extinguished. The dense smoke makes it difficult for firefighters to find and rescue the injured. This is how the hammelburg fire department's thermal imaging camera comes into play. The rescue of the third injured person from the helicopter takes over an hour.
Exercise leader alexander marx explains that mistakes should be made consciously in order to learn from them. "In an emergency, we had used the forces differently and had been faster", he is sure. The acting talents of the injured provide some amusement for the audience, which holds out all the time and follows the event with interest. What to do if a comrade is injured during an operation and has to be rescued is also taught.

The great interest in the scenario shows that there is also a need for training in the event of an airplane or helicopter crash among the other fire departments.


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