British chamber of commerce: companies nervous about brexit

british chamber of commerce: companies nervous about brexit

The unclear brexit situation is increasingly causing problems for companies in germany, according to the british chamber of commerce. "The mood among businesses is tense and nervous," the president of the chamber of commerce, michael schmidt, told the german press agency.

"Uncertainty is always bad for business. That’s why, in the case of brexit, an end with a scare is certainly better than a scare without an end," schmidt continued. However, a no-deal brexit would have considerable disadvantages not only for the british, but also for companies in the EU and especially for german companies. "Therefore, from my point of view, a postponement is quite appropriate – if one has the hope that an agreement will then be reached."

The house of commons in london had gone into an enforced recess imposed by prime minister boris johnson. His plans for a new election before the planned exit from the EU on 31 december 2009 are still under discussion. October were but burst. A law forces the prime minister to request a brexit postponement, should not be in time before the scheduled exit date of 31. An agreement with the EU is finalized on october. Johnson, however, strictly rejects this.

"Uncertainty is never good for business," schmidt said. "The uncertainty has lasted for a very long time now. And as it looks at the moment, it will also last for some time to come."The chamber knows from talking to companies that they have a hard time making investment decisions. "You find it difficult to make adjustments because you simply don’t know how things are going to proceed."

At the same time, schmidt said he could not imagine that there would be any substantial renegotiation of the agreement between the EU and great britain. "The EU has always ruled this out, and I can understand that. One has really shown a willingness to compromise in many places. In this respect, I fully understand when the EU now says: up to here and no further."

Schmidt went on to say: "what I could imagine, however, is that the backstop would return to the original solution: that the customs border would not be on the mainland between northern ireland and ireland, but in the irish sea between northern ireland and the british island."

In great britain, because of the brexit, a rift is going right through society, even through individual families. "The entire country is divided. I must confess frankly: I don’t know at the moment how the british are going to overcome this division."


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