Eight seconds of traffic jam – more is not possible for left turners

"There is always a traffic jam because of a wrong traffic light switching!" Hans harress lives in beiersdorf and has contacted the tageblatt with this complaint: because of the closure of rodacher strabe (see text above), hans harress drives over callenberger strabe and the so-called gaudlitz junction when he wants to get to coburg south. At the gaudlitz intersection, it turns left in the direction of the B4. But he often has to wait a long time: "the traffic light is only green for eight seconds for left-turners."

Because the left-turn lane is relatively short, left-turners often block those who want to go straight ahead. There is one alternative route: through neuses to the so-called kaeser traffic circle and there onto the B4/north ring road. But this is hans harress too circumstantial and too far, as he says.

However, the traffic lights at the gaudlitz intersection "cannot be improved any further in terms of signal technology", says kai holland of the city's public order department. Because the intersection is already over the limit due to the closure of rodacher strabe. That is why the left turn lane in the direction of the train station has already been closed for vehicles coming from the B 4. "Because otherwise the traffic jam would have been even worse." And on the exits from the B4 additional traffic lights regulate the traffic.

From holland's point of view, "it has worked very well so far, and the traffic jams on the B 4 are moderate". Which in this case means: they only occur at peak times, during rush hour. At the moment, according to holland, it is also noticeable that people are driving more because of the bad weather.

When the bridge in rodacher strabe is completed and traffic there is reopened "traffic regulation at the gaudlitz intersection will return to the way it was", assures holland. Not for long, of course: the junctions to the B4 need to be rehabilitated. Then coburg motorists will once again be faced with detours – via rodacher strabe and callenberger strabe in the direction of the city center and scheuerfeld. 


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