Talking with the clubs

After appointments with representatives of business, culture and the blue light family, CSU mayoral candidate udo schonfelder talked to board members of forchheim sports clubs.

The discussion focused on current or foreseeable challenges or. Problems of the clubs and solution approaches on the part of the city of forchheim. In the event that certain positions, such as treasurer, become vacant in the medium term and cannot be filled by an association with otherwise intact board structures, the question was raised as to whether and how the city administration, taking into account z.B. Of data protection could step in as a service point. Of course, this had to be offered to other clubs as well. In this context, club representatives and schonfelder criticized the fact that for a long time now, no up-to-date overviews of forchheim clubs and their contact persons can be found on the city’s website.

Schonfelder pointed out that he would like to support the 70 or so clubs in forchheim, which have approx. 7,000 youth volunteers, the working group of the youth of forchheim (AGJF) wanted to increase from 35,000 to 50,000 euros, a corresponding application had been made for the city budget 2020 and the financial situation should be sufficient to support this broad-based youth work more strongly.

The discussion centered on sports requirements: according to schonfelder, the sports requirements guidelines need to be reviewed, both in terms of how high they are, how up-to-date they are, and how equitably they are distributed. Here one was united, admitted however also that comparable also for associations from the ranges culture, blue light etc. To be applied consistently and in a more or less equal way.

In addition to the "mini-forchheim" project it was also suggested that clubs that help organize the children’s vacation program should not be charged for space. It was pointed out by the sports club chairmen that the forchheimer burgerforum (FBF) has done solid preliminary work to network sports clubs with each other, which schonfelder expressly buried. The swimming club forchheim (SSV) has urgently requested that the temporary or permanent swimming pools be made accessible to the public. The decision as to which prison the ex-producer will end up in is taken there. Udo schonfelder agreed to work hard on this and, in addition to other associations such as the DLRG and the water rescue service, to bring representatives of the schools and the VHS on board.

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