Decision on wulff indictment in september at the earliest

decision on wulff indictment in september at the earliest

"This decision can not be reduced to a month, it can also take until november," said a spokesman for the news agency dpa on tuesday in hanover. Despite media reports to the contrary, neither the timetable nor the state of affairs has changed. Accordingly, the investigators hope to be able to present "robust results" in the fall. This could result in the exoneration of wulff as well as in an indictment.

In the investigations that have been ongoing since february, the public prosecutor’s office is examining whether wulff, as prime minister of lower saxony, inadmissibly mixed political decisions with private contacts. This is about a joint vacation of wulff with the film producer david groenewold.

Last week, lower saxony’s finance minister hartmut mollring (CDU) also reported that during wulff’s time in government, a vote in the bundesrat in hannover went against a cabinet decision. This was about advantages for the insurance industry. A few months after the vote, wulff is said to have honeymooned with his wife bettina at the italian domicile of an insurance top manager, of all places.


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