The last guardian excerpt in the year

The last guardian excerpt in the year

Numerous spectators love to be part of the last schutzenfest procession of the year. A total of 18 clubs and three music bands took part in the 42. Procession of the rennsteigschutzen takes part.
The train was led by guardian queen silke loffler with her "hanseln" georg trebes and ernst sticker. The active protector was pleased that she could represent the protectors in front of her husband klaus loffler this year, which was probably a one-time occurrence. The mayor then followed, together with the mandate holders of the community.
His joy at the response showed the head of the community. The event documented once again that a lot can be achieved through cohesion. The rennsteigschutzen carried the call of the community positively to auben.
On sunday afternoon, the original reichenbacher brass band set the right mood. In between, there was a melodious interlude by the "edelweib" choral society windheim.
Today monday is all about the children. At 13.45 o’clock the children’s parade takes place. The tenth push of authorities will be carried out at 2 p.M. In the guardhouse.
At around 10 p.M. Prizes are awarded and the king is proclaimed. Monday’s musical program was provided by the steinbach music society. All members of the rennsteigschutzenverein still have the opportunity to aim at the king’s target on monday from 9 a.M. To 12 noon.


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