Almost every second fears inflation

Almost every second fears inflation

Only 29 percent still have confidence in the strength of community preservation – a relative majority of 37 percent, on the other hand, no longer have much or any confidence at all. The mood has thus changed since the last survey in june, when optimists were still in the majority.

By contrast, the german economy continues to be seen as a rock in the fire. An unchanged 56 percent were confident about their future. 34 percent were also satisfied with their personal income, only 21 percent were dissatisfied, and a majority expect things to improve rather than worsen in the near future.

According to the survey, more than half of germans have enough money to save and at the same time enjoy something – at least once in a while. Only 11 percent are barely scraping by, saying they have nothing left to save or spend after deducting fixed costs. Compared to last year, however, most said they had tightened their belts a little more. When they buy something, they prefer to spend the money on clothes, housing and travel.

38 percent were satisfied with their own assets, only 19 percent were dissatisfied. However, the picture was slightly bleaker than in the previous year – no doubt also because of the inflation.

The most common form of investment is the savings book. The proportion of those with private pension provision fell to 46 percent (-3). Only just under one-third of the respondents own real estate. A significantly growing number of burgers, however, would like to invest more in an apartment or house of their own. 41 percent were very uncertain about how best to invest their money at the moment. Only 36 percent agreed with the statement: "if you invest your money with german banks, you don’t have to worry about your money."

TNS infratest was commissioned by allianz deutschland AG at the end of november to survey 556 people aged 18 and over who make or help make decisions about financial matters in their households.


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