Father’s day in corona crisis: here beer and bollerwagen ban applies

On thursday (21. May 2020) is "christi himmelfahrt. Many people know the german holiday as father's day – beer and wagons are part of many hikes. To move around with a group of several friends is not allowed this year anyway because of the corona decreases. The city of bremen, however, now reduces the joy of the day by further restrictions.

According to the report, guesthouses in the hanseatic city are allowed to open their doors and also make their outdoor areas accessible to guests in accordance with infection control regulations. An auber-haus sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind, however, is prohibited, it says in a published release of the press office of the senate. The promotion is valid from 8 a.M. To 10 p.M. On thursday.

Hanseatic city of bremen: sale of alcoholic beverages remains prohibited on father's day

"The agreement is a compromise between the since monday (18. May 2020) and a general ban on serving and consuming alcohol, as in parts of the lower saxony region, out of concern for a further increase in new infections.", emphasizes interior senator ulrich maurer (SPD). The general constitution also stipulates that no alcohol may be carried in public by handcart or handcart.

Interior senator maurer gives the following reasons in the press release: "everyone knows that with increasing alcohol consumption, good intentions are quickly forgotten, especially since many people long to return to their old normality."

Crowds are to be avoided wherever possible. Moreover, they are also forbidden in principle beyond the members of two households. First positive developments have been achieved due to the discipline of the majority of the citizens. "We must not jeopardize this positive trend under any circumstances", Emphasizes Maurer.


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