Father’s day in corona crisis: here beer and bollerwagen ban applies

On thursday (21. May 2020) is "christi himmelfahrt. Many people know the german holiday as father's day – beer and wagons are part of many hikes. To move around with a group of several friends is not allowed this year anyway because of the corona decreases. The city of bremen, however, now reduces the joy of the day by further restrictions.

According to the report, guesthouses in the hanseatic city are allowed to open their doors and also make their outdoor areas accessible to guests in accordance with infection control regulations. An auber-haus sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind, however, is prohibited, it says in a published release of the press office of the senate. The promotion is valid from 8 a.M. To 10 p.M. On thursday.

“Earth hour” sets a sign with darkness

In many places around the world on saturday at 20 o'clock sharp there will be.30 local time the lights went out. To the 13. For the first time, the environmental organization WWF proclaimed "earth hour" and thousands of cities turned out the lights on famous landmarks.

The first to go was the island state of samoa – by 7.30 in the morning german time. Bringing up the rear were the cook islands and french polynesia. With this annual campaign, which has been taking place since 2007, the participants want to set an example for more climate and environmental protection. Private individuals were also asked to do without light in their houses and apartments.

Rare signal box delays work at ebenhausen station

Two weeks ago, the work on the railroad station in ebenhausen came to a sudden standstill. The german railroad is currently investing around 5.4 million euros there. The interchange station, which is important for the district of bad kissingen, is to be made barrier-free by the middle of 2019. The unexpected construction stop has now caused speculation. "For many in the village it was a rough question mark. Why does nothing happen there", reports benedikt kebler, local councilor for ebenhausen and local councillor. The work had started in spring with high pressure, in a short time much progress had been made. "That’s why many people have wondered why suddenly nothing is happening on the construction site", he says.

The forced break is connected with a rare signal box technology that is installed in ebenhausen. Things that are necessary for operation, such as track closures, switches, signals and the safety systems for the railroad overpass, are controlled from the signal box. But first things first. So far, only the first track is accessible at ground level. Those who want to access the remaining platforms have to go through an underpass, but only stairways lead down to it. To make it easier for the disabled, cyclists and families with strollers to get to the trains in the future, the railroad is building a completely new underpass a few meters away.

Old wine, new hoses: “fr” to remain independent

Old wine, new hoses: 'fr' to remain independent

Although the profile and scope of the publication are to be largely retained, the structure of the editorial team will be changed under the new ownership, as will the staff. Furthermore, the "frankfurter rundschau" ("FR") is to appear as an independent and left-liberal newspaper, promised the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung" gmbh ("FAZ") and the frankfurter societat gmbh as new investors. Both had reached agreement with the insolvency administration on the purchase price on thursday night. The purchase price has not been disclosed.

The downside of the newspaper deal is that, despite the secure future, most of the company’s 450 employees will have to leave. Only 28 employees are taken over to form the core of the new team as the main editorial office in frankfurt. The takeover could also cost jobs at berliner verlag, if the "frankfurter rundschau" there drops out of joint jacket production in three months, as planned so far.

At donsenhaug, the theme of “relationships” prevails

At donsenhaug, the theme of 'relationships' prevails

The beautiful musical setting with iris ferenz on the piano, accompanied by ilka friedel on the transverse flute, was also a perfect match. The laudatory speech was held by eva warmuth, herself a visual artist who is now known far beyond the region and is virtually predestined for such tasks. Both women are not "young jumpers more, warmuth amused the audience.

Both had a rich life with diverse experiences as a basis for their respective artistic expression. "Karin hacker’s painting jumps straight into the eye, her colors sometimes even want to jump the theme of the canvas, are a direct expression of spontaneity" warmuth said.

Nrw: christmas vacations two days earlier because of corona

Nrw: christmas vacations two days earlier because of corona

In north rhine-westphalia, schools can start their christmas vacations earlier than planned because of the corona pandemic.

In order to give families the best possible christmas, the decision was made to start the 21-day christmas break earlier than planned. And 22. December, NRW education minister yvonne gebauer (FDP) told the WDR radio station. So friday the 18th. December, the last day of school in NRW this year. In the next few days, she wants to discuss with teachers’, parents’ and school associations how the shortfall in the current school year can be compensated for and how emergency care can be provided on the 21st day of school. And 22. December can be ensured. Actually, the winter vacations had begun on. December started.

Atmosphere at the hoffest of coburger tageblatt, hsc and radio eins

Michael hafner and jochen knauer probably had the toughest job on saturday: they stood in the bratwurst stand at the tageblatt, HSC, and radio eins hope festival…

But some of the HSC players also worked up a good sweat: first when they were busy signing autographs, and then when they tried out the rough bouncy castle – much to the delight of some young fans. "Boah, it’s exhausting", said florian billek and had to laugh. Whether this would be a completely new training approach for coach jan gorr to get his boys fit for the new season? Wait and see. But above all, the spontaneous honking was a sign of the good mood in the team. This also became clear in a talk session in which florian billek made fun of andreas schroder, who, as is well known, has transferred to the HSC from arch-rivals erlangen: "he is quite heavy", said billek "he has the last few years just not done much…" By the way, schroder was also a full participant in the hupfburg later on.

Brawl in the city center – actors also threaten the police officers

It had come in the night to sunday shortly after midnight in the hochstadter city center to a firm argument under foreign mitburgern.

For investigative reasons, the police only now announced that a witness had phoned in to report a brawl in front of a restaurant in the vogelseck area. Immediately afterwards, the caller hung up immediately.

Puppies find new home – but who pays?

puppies find new home - but who pays?

On saturday, the first three started their journey to their new home, and on sunday, another two. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas, the four havanese and the one cavalier king charles spaniel could leave the coburg animal shelter after eleven weeks. "There were around 80 inquiries", veterinarian joachim lessing tells.

He had the puppies examined, vaccinated, dewormed, so medically cared for. "When selecting new owners, we looked to see if there were other dogs living in the households that they could learn from." Because the puppies were separated from their mothers far too early and had to stay in quarantine for weeks because it was not clear whether they were burdened by diseases. "There were many deficits that could not be fully compensated for in the animal shelter despite all the efforts", added joachim lessing. Nele, puppi, nana, rudi and silas were given away for a protection fee of 200 euros per dog.

Esc’s race to catch up is not rewarded

Esc's race to catch up is not rewarded

They plowed, they toiled, they fought to exhaustion. Nevertheless, the "hawks" conceded of the ESC habfurt at the EC bad kissingen in the intermediate round of the ice hockey regional league a 9:10 (3:1, 1:6, 5:3) defeat.

The habfurter put despite a strong personnel monitoring an unbelievable morale on the day. And they scored five goals in the last twelve minutes in what was probably their most spectacular comeback in recent years, after conceding seven in a row beforehand. All the more annoying is the narrow outcome.